About Us

We started operating in 1992. Tekno’s inception was oriented towards the rendering of IT consultancy to manufacturing and services companies. Since then, it has successfully positioned itself as a company to which the word “service” meant much more than a simple description of the activity scope: it was a way to improve the interaction with customers, standing in their shoes and putting into practice some partnering working methods to guarantee the full satisfaction of requirements and expectations.

Tekno took over OOPtime S.A., a consultant specializing in Object-Oriented technologies, with the aim of incorporating high-technology core elements into its expertise.

Tekno made the strategic decision to address the IT challenges of the Health market, prioritizing this approach over the regular consultant tasks and, since then, intensifying research and development efforts committed to products in the field. TeknoSalud thus appears.

Tekno withholds a wide variety of products for the management and administration of trade and financial institutions, and Teknosalud consolidates the continuous research and development efforts committed to products in the field.

Tkn Group, comprised of Tekno and TeknoSalud, commits to building long-term relationships with customers based on mutual respect and trust.

SGS- Selectum arises as a result of the wide ranging experience gained by providing solutions in the health market and the technological developments of its systems. SGS- Selectum is a single, integrated and essential system to achieve the efficient management of health institutions, integrating performance, accounting and operational issues in one and only solution.

About Us

Operational Areas

Training and Help Desk, Implementation of Systems, Health Management, Software Development, Operation of Systems

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide technical and consultancy support for the correct development of the strategic planning, administration and information process management, setting the highest standards of excellence for the market.

Our Commitment

Those of us in TKN Group believe that optimizing processes and procedures leads to the creation of long-term value, resulting in future benefits for all those participating in the system.


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